VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor can be referred to professional video editing suit as its set of tools resembles ones in many ways. One of the greatest things about the app is that it is free. As the name suggests, it is a program designed for video files creation as well as converting.

VSDC Free Video Editor has user-friendly interface and the way menu is arranged should be noted in particular. It looks complex from the first sight but it is not and its graphics and structure are really intuitive.

It is not a lightweight program; however, it has all the features of full-scale professional video editing software and allows working with timeline and for that matter making all the editing moves such as adding transitions and combining cuts as well as rendering and etc. It will require a bit of knowledge and skill from unprofessional and inexperienced user.

The tools offered by VSDC Free Video Editor are numerous and they offer a great deal of freedom while editing your video. It supports all the possible video formats and import is really easy.

With the help of VSDC you can create absolutely different video; however, it will need a bit of skill. Surely, beginners can use it as well and there is a good user guide to get help from. It is not a simple program and if you are a beginner, it will take some time to get used to its tools and learn the tricks. However, it is great software that serves its purpose in full and can help you to create exactly the kind of video project you want to see.

The program also offers a great choice of effects. There is also the feature of image duration timing. Export features are also numerous as the program supports various formats and allows both saving video files to hard drive or burning them to DVD discs and sharing them online directly. There is also an option that allows choosing the specific players that will support your video file.

Files Wizard is a really good tool offered by VSDC Free Video Editor for adding images to your footage. It is especially useful if you have a large and complex project. As the program takes a great deal of computer resources, it makes perfect sense not to use any other applications simultaneously when it runs.

VSDC Free Video Editor represents a near-to-professional application that allows creating high quality video with professional touch. It is as good as any other expensive soft with one major disadvantage that it requires quite a powerful PC. In other ways it is a very decent app.

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