Virtual Edit

Virtual Edit is not your strictly professional software for video edit; rather it is presupposed for tasks of medium complexity and simple home video creation. This is a product for those users who want to make something professionally-looking without entering too far into jungle of video editing science.

Virtual Edit allows compiling video from different sources and in different formats and then creating one complete video file. The program offers a variation of options. When you work with a video file, the program separates it into two separate tracks – the key one and the audio one. Two windows are opened: the first contains the graphical edit scale and the second – the clip browser. The former puts tracks into consequential order and the latter presents information about the clip in brief. The program allows changing any track and even though some professional tools lack in Virtual Edit, it is able to crate good quality video files.

The program was specifically crated by specialists in TV field and is designed to create really good home movies. It does not refer to professional software applications and for that matter does not require skill and experience. It allows direct capture from a camera and one of its distinguishing features is that is specifically was designed to work with HD AVCHD or DV video. This is an application that allows crating professionally looking videos based on your home camera footages.

With Virtual Edit there is no problem making nice holiday video or footage of a birthday or a wedding. There are plenty of effects and transitions that can be added to the video as well as graphics and sounds and voices. Graphics and titles, even frames – this all is possible and easy to do with Virtual Edit.

This semi-professional software can be characterized as ideal for users who wants to have instant online access to share their product with their friends. Virtual Edit allows direct upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and etc. It is easy and takes very little time.

Virtual Edit does not require much of the computer power and has a decent number of tools for next to professional video editing. It is easier to use than some of its counterparts because of its intuitive interface and a user is not lost in tools and effects immediately after opening the program. There is nothing complex in working with the program. It is not a strictly professional suit; however, its potential is quite sufficient for creation of high quality video and semi-professional montage.

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