VideoPad Master Edition represents software that is a good choice for the beginners. There are no complex moves and features and every user will find the tools and options it offers quite comprehensive and easy to use.

The program has got user-friendly interface and a sufficient range of effects and transitions as well as tools for movie creation. Audio editing options are also included. It is very intuitive in use and everyone can work with it even users with little skill and experience. All the effects and transitions are added by dragging and dropping them to the working area.

VideoPad is best suited for simple and undemanding projects; it handles such tasks perfectly. It is not really presupposed for full-scale movies and really large project.

Tools offered by VideoPad are quite impressive; however, there are not so many effects as some users would expect. This drawback is fully compensated by all the other possibilities of the program.

Import features are quite impressive in VideoPad. Among the most familiar are MPEG, WMV, AVI, XviD and ASF to name a few. The applicatios allows direct capture from digital cameras and webcams. However, in case of the video capture from some analog device, there is a need in the hardware that will ensure compatibility of the app with the file. VideoPad allows various burning options as well. Users can create projects in such formats as CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or HD-DVD. Besides, export options are also numerous and among them are all the known formats supported.

There is also an option of 2D into 3D video change during the export process. It is one of the video editing software applications that offer such a broad range of editing options so that you could create your ideal video without problems. It also allows formats supported by iPhone, iPad and various smartphones.

VideoPad provides the option of direct upload to internet, so sharing is easy as well. You will see your project online on YouTube or Facebook right after you finished it.

The program offers good customer support and there is very comprehensive FAQ section on their website. Besides, there is a user forum with a great deal of tips and tricks and a huge number of topics covered. VideoPad also offers tutorials and guides and can follow them in social networks for the news as well.

It can be characterized as decent video editing software with excellent import and export features, an advantage of 3D editing options and broad compatibility options. There is not much to boast in the field of effects and transitions; however, the set of tools is supreme and the software is easy to use and allows creating quality video.

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