Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro is the product of Sony and it is a professional video editing suit. It is not in the budget line and for good reason – the product is more or less professionally oriented and won’t be the best choice for an amateur. It has got two versions – for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. It is PC compatible only and rivals with Adobe Premiere for PC.

Sony Vegas Pro offers high quality product that is easy to install and use. The program presupposes that a user imports the footage by this way or another. The benefit of choosing Vegas Pro is that it supports a great number of media file formats and there is no necessity to convert each and every file into the suitable format.

There is also the feature of stereoscopic 3D and multicam support and video management is integrated. This is the program meant and designed for professionals and the features suppose that a user knows how to work with them.

The program can boast friendly and intuitive interface for all its worth and professional orientation. This is one of the reasons why it is so much liked by video editors. In fact, editing is as simple as drag and drop, provided that you know what you do, of course.

There is a great number of features in Vegas Pro and even the most demanding video editor will be satisfied. Apart from the aforementioned ones the application offers 2K and 4K to add to standard, HD and stereoscopic 3D support. Among other features there are automatic crossfades and quickfades, burning of CD and DVD and even HDV tape printing. Audio features offered by Vegas Pro are really great and they not only allow editing and adding effects but more advanced ones.

Working with Vegas Pro is simple regardless of the fact that the software is more of a professional type. There are great import and export features as well as the liberty of effects and transitions.

It is a cheaper variation than its professional counterparts and yet another benefit they offer is 30-day trial for first time users. This is a great plus for the editors who seek the best application for their needs. It is the first and foremost counterpart to Adobe Premier and in terms of price it wins the comparison. It is one of the best video editing products at the market and the best and wisest choice for those who seek professional editing suit for PC.

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