Sony Movie Studio

Sony Movie Studio can be characterized as non-professional video-editing software for home-made video creation. There are three latest variations available: Movie Studio, Movie Studio Platinum and Movie Studio Suite.

These versions differ depending on the level of skill required to work with them; and every user is able to find the one for their needs. Movie Studio is great for any simple project that does not require any special skill; Movie Studio Platinum provides more freedom for creativity and offers a broader range of tools; Movie Studio Suite is suitable for more skilled and experienced users with higher demands to video editing software.

Regardless of the version, you are likely to get a very reliable product if you choose Sony Movie Studio. Surely, the latest packages are more successful in all the ways than their predecessors as they are more improved and the developers have taken all the customer wishes and notices into consideration.

The program’s interface can be called very user-friendly and intuitive and nice to work with. The simplicity of the interface has no effect on the number of features as they are numerous and the choice of tools and effects is more than sufficient for the goals the software can help achieving.

Besides, all the Sony products can go under two major modes – either they are basic, or they are advanced. As the names suggest, the former actually allows all the basic editing options and is presupposed for simple and undemanding projects; the latter has a greater number of features and is aimed to deal with more complex and professional projects. The two modes can be met in all the packages you choose to buy. It is very convenient as allows a user to make some basic editing in simple mode and then switch to advanced mode for effects and etc.

Sony Movie Studio can be noted for remarkable customer support they provide. There is very comprehensible FAQ section on their website as well. They also offer a great number of educational information in their manuals and forums and there are plenty of articles from experts that can be of great use to beginners especially.

The software offers powerful and precise tools for editing, it supports 3D and allows DVD and Blu-ray format video creation. Sharing is easy and takes little time. It can also be noted for its good rendering speed and a variation of transitions and effects. In fact, it is a home version with the features of professional control.

Sony Movie Studio can be characterized as a good choice for amateur editors and especially good start for the beginners in the sphere. There is a broad choice of editing options offered by the software and regardless of the fact that it is not professionally oriented, experienced users can also find a lot of features to their liking. It might not be exactly tailored for professional movie creation; however it is good value for money and is quite advanced for its level. The program allows creating good and quite professionally-looking videos, add sound and effects without too much of an effort.

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