Roxio Creator

Roxio Creator represents one of the variations of the company’s video editing software options and it offers a broad range of video editing options as well as CD burning features. Roxio Creator is a full-scale creative suit that allows working with video files freely and creatively. This software is mostly known for its CD burning abilities; however, it is much more than that. Its features are numerous and they also include such things as converting of vinyl and cassette records to digital format. It is possible to record the content right from the internet directly as well and provides the most easy sharing options possible.

Roxio Creator works on VideoWave editing engine and it allows a great number of things to be done with video. One can make footage cuts as well as make adjustments to contrast and brightness and set speed for clip appearance. Besides, the program offers a great variety of effects and tools so that even amateur can create a great and unique video.</div

A user has got a choice of working with either timeline or storyboard, or can switch between them. It is a really great option as it allows much more freedom in editing and a great advantage is in the fact that all the changes are preserved whenever you switch the modes.

There is a music editor that helps managing soundtracks in your video and one of the best tools here is Scorefitter feature. It represents the library of free songs that can be used without any accreditation with any possible effects applied to them. This all can be done without the need in license or making any payments.

Roxio Creator can also be very useful when it comes to working with various still images while creating your video project.

Sharing is easy with Roxio Creator as it allows you to place your project on YouTube as well as Facebook or any other video hub without any effort so that all your friends could see it. Besides, the software allows CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc creation.

To cap it all, one can say that Roxio Creator is a good video editing tool that has got a number of advantages. It can be characterized as a complete digital suit as it allows not just video creation and online sharing but also creating CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. Its features of free music and effects library makes the application all the more advantageous.

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