PowerProduces is a relative of Cyberlink’s PowerDirector and represents a lighter version of the latter. It is equipped with less elaborate number of tools and it is not up to is in terms of exporting options. This overly simplified application that is meant for creation of simple videos.

The application is pretty simple but it allows all the basic editing such as color, brightness and hue adjustments as well as text and photo add to the video project. There is also an option that allows you adding a DVD menu. Two of the peculiar features that distinguish PowerProducer are its Magic Fix and Magic Cut tools. The former allows stabilizing shaky video and the latter helps with making the best suitable proportions.

Among other features of PowerProducer it allows creating Blu-ray and DVD discs as well as video files compatible with iPhone and iPad. It supports the number of files with several exceptions (i.e. FLV files are not supported). There is no option of VHS files converting either.

Support options can be characterized as very good. There is e-mail support for all types of issues. The user guide is quite helpful especially for the beginners and FAQ section on their website is pretty much detailed. There is also phone support if you sign up for the website.

One of the drawbacks here is that there are absolutely no transitions and effects so that editing is limited to basic steps. However, the application serves its purpose which is to create simple and unpretending video projects and it copes with the task quite well.

This is a special product that focuses on all the basics of video editing. There is just one track for compilation and this is a really good choice for beginners as it does not require much skill and allows creating very good video without being a specialist in the field. Surely, if you want to play with your footage more, it makes sense to try some other more advanced application. But for the basis goals PowerProduces is absolutely fine.

It actually saves time as there is not much to learn and you can start right now editing your video and creating your project. In cases when you do not really need many effects and transitions and plan quality video is your aim, this software is exactly something you are looking for.

All in all, PowerProducer is not a full-scale media suit and it is not a professional video editing software with a broad range of tools and features; rather, it is a purposefully simplified application that is aimed to solve basic video editing problems. It is not meant for complex projects and is not tailored for multitasking; however, it is easy-to-use app for home video creation as well as all the basic video editing tasks.

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