Power Director

PowerDirector is the best software with the combination of tools for both professional video editors and amateurs. Among the great choice of analogue video editing software application this is truly the best and the most popular one and not without a reason.

Although the software is designed for the users who are not professionals, it can be used by any person with no regards to background skills and knowledge in video editing.

Every version of the software is full of tools and features; however, the last version has got a few new ones. They are TrueVelocity and Theme Designer, to name a few. The latter is especially favored by customers with little experience as it helps to create stunning videos in a matter of minutes.

PowerDirector offers three following options: Full Feature Editor; Easy Editor; Slideshow Creator.

In accordance with the level of a user’s skill and knowledge he or she can choose the one that meets their needs in the best possible way.

Timeline is essential for every video editing software. Everything like video clips and images as well as sound files everything is put into the timeline and in PowerDirector this function is performed by the Storyboard. However, here its functionality is much broader than the one of the timeline only.

The library of PowerDirector contains more than 300+ transitions and effects and it is able to meet the requirements of almost any project, even the one with the highest demands.

There is a great number of options to publish the video project directly to the web and such services as YouTube, Facebook as well as Vimeo and etc. With the help of PowerDirector it is really easy to publish video online and it is a real time-saver if compared to all the manual ways of uploading the files in a more traditional way.

Surely, video editing is not that simple and for that reason the application offers a great number of online trainings and tutorials on their website. One can find a really broad range of tutorials on YouTube as well.

It can be positively said that PowerDirector is one of the best video editing software and it is able to give everyone what they look for. It can be easily handled by unsophisticated users as well as help the professionals make video wonders.

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