Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio provides great variation of video editing options so that every user could achieve their goals. It can be characterized as a professional program with intuitive interface and a great choice of tools and features that allow very efficient editing.

There are three major steps that the program offers for the user. They are organization, editing and authoring. There are two separate sections that are in charge or import and expert of a project, each in its own turn. The interface of the app is user-friendly and absolutely intuitive and it is quite easy to find tools and effects.

The import part is very simple and there is nothing new or complex in it. Video project is transferred from the camera to the computer where the program can access to all the files.

Watchfolders is a very interesting feature of Pinnacle Studio. It allows import of all media files that you place on your hard drive to the media library of the program. It might not seem as big deal; however, it saves a lot of time and you do not have to do anything manually.

Timeline is the major tool of Pinnacle Studio. It is nice and easy to work with and the settings are adjustable; which is a definite plus. However, the timeline allows just 6 tracks for simultaneous editing. This can be viewed as a sort of drawback for video editing application as there are cases when a user might need to edit a complex project that cannot be limited to just 6 tracks.

However, Pinnacle Studio made it up with the number of transitions, effects and tools that exceed 1,500. The choice of the latter is really amazing and every user will definitely find something for their liking. In fact, this is one of the few video editing programs that offer such a broad choice of effects. The program also allows creating chapters in your video project – either automatically or manually.

Export is no less easy than import. There is also authoring feature if you care about such kind of thing. Next, you can save your project on your hard drive or share it directly to YouTube or Vimeo or some video hub else. It is also possible to create videos in the format compatible with smartphones and tablets.

All in all, Pinnacle Studio meets all the standards of good video editing software. It can be recommended both for basic and advanced users. There is a great choice of editing tools as well as additional options and in general even lacking some features it can satisfy the need even the most experienced professional.

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