Nero Video

Nero Video can boast the most complete set of features among video editing products now available on the market and not without a reason. The company offers a superb choice of tools and effects, allows powerful editing and easy authoring as well as great playback. This is definitely your choice if you are looking for the application that both allows creating, editing and playing back your footage without much of a hassle and complications.

It should be noted that Nero Video has introduced a great number of changes into the software by making a lot of improvements. This was definitely for the benefit of a program and the present interface has become much friendlier and it is even a bigger plus especially for new and inexperienced users. Generally speaking, Nero Video can be recommended as a starter for all the users who long to learn video editing process tricks.

The program is perhaps not as universally oriented as its strictly professional counterparts; however, it offers a great number of transitions and effects. Besides, it supports various third-party add-ons; which is a definite plus and there is a sufficient number of text effects as well. There is also an option for automatic creation of chapters and audio file import.

Import is simple and easy and it allows making captures from any device you use. Playback option is also available so that a user can play the footage created before actually saving it to hard drive, exporting it online or burning it to a CD or DVD, or AVCHD and Blu-ray discs.

Nero Video is actually one of the best options for those users who do not see themselves as professionals and are eager to learn how to create and edit various footages. There are not so many options and effects as some more professionally-oriented packages can offer; however in general they are sufficient for the majority of editing tasks that do not presuppose film making in the first place.

Nevo Video has got very decent customer support and in case of any issue, they can be reached without any problem. They offer e-mail support as well as live chat on their web-site, or they can also be contacted by phone. Tech support is mostly oriented for European user; however, they have very prompt e-mail support command.

Nero Video can hardly be called one of the top video editing software programs. However, its lack of some features and orientation for a more basic user is compensated by the decency of price as well as its usability and functionality.

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