MoviePlus is decent video editing software with the variety of editing options and features that allow creating movies without great effort. It is not strictly professional; however, there are some advanced features and effects that are oriented this way.

One of the features worth to be noted is track control in the movie. A user can add and adjust the tracks to their liking and this is really a benefit as not all video editing software allows such freedom of operation with tracks. In this respect MoviePlus allows soundtrack and voice effect creation.

There is QuickMovie tool and this is an option for the lazy. This is video editing wizard that help to collect all the themed videos into one compilation. It can basically do a great number of things that can give your movie individual flair and the feel if uniqueness.

MoviePlus can boast a broad choice of tools. Perhaps, there are more advanced and professionally-stuffed applications but this one has something to offer as well. It is easy to work with and there are tools that simply make video editing process a pleasure. One of them is Transparency and it allows manipulate with objects in your movie in various ways. It is the option that every user will definitely find useful and no less enjoyable.

MoviePlus helps to create good videos with the help of the wizard as well as without any help. One of the benefits of the application is that its interface is intuitive and very user-friendly so that users with different level of skill will have no problem with it. Though, the editing wizard will be particularly useful for the beginners.

The software offers good educational options as well – there is a user guide full of detailed explanations and tips. It is easy to use and there is plenty of information that will be really of help to the beginners. Technical support is fine and there are also numerous links to useful educational forums and what not.

MoviePlus can be characterized as a good money value for the options it offers. The editing wizard should be noted as a benefit for beginners. It has a number of advantages over its competitors and one of them is the option of track management. The application might not have the richest choice of effects and transitions; however, it promises good performance and is able to meet the requirements of users with different skill background. All in all it is the software capable of helping you create quite professional videos with the individual touch without the need of being professional film maker.

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