Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor can be characterized as a very nice tool for creation good quality video even from not really good footages. The program allows working with a great number of formats both video and audio and there is no need in employing any other converting software or else. Movavi also offers you to create files in different formats with regards to your final goal.

Movavi represents an application mostly aimed at beginners and home users; however, the set of tools is really good and it is more than enough for creation of video that will further be shared online or burned to DVD.

Movavi is nice to work with as it has user-friendly interface and it is in general well-structured and pretty intuitive. It contains a media player that allows preview of all projects. There are no complications in learning the tools and editing itself does not require a great deal of knowledge and skill. This is a real benefit of the program for inexperienced users. The program also offers a variety of effects and transitions that a both interesting and easy to apply.

Despite the fact that there are no super special features offered, the application has all the editing options and it is a great deal especially for the inexperienced users with raw footages of not very good quality of video.

The number of effects and transitions should be noted specifically as they are quite numerous and can be used freely and without much of a hassle and skill.

There is an option of title adding as well as audio import without the necessity of applying to any side program. There are 2 tracks allowed for compilation and it might not be really much in comparison to some other programs (even very few as opposed to professional apps); however, its simplicity does not affect the quality of the video produced and just means less skilled editor oriented approach.

Movavi offers a range of formats to save the final project. It has got good sharing options and there is also an option to create video in iPad and iPhone compatible formats.

The program offers 30-day trial version so that users can have a feel of the program and decide if it meets their needs. It is not very expensive and in comparison with some other video editing programs with the same potential it is a real bargain. It is presupposed for PC use and is easy to install and use.

Movavi Video Editor can be characterized as a very good option for users with not very ambitious projects. It has good potential, easy to use and affordable at the same time. Decent software for simple projects and ideal for home video creation.

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