Magix Movie Edit Pro

Magix Movie Edit Pro can be definitely called one of the most popular applications in the video editing sphere. It is an application that was developed for the benefit of a user in all the ways. It can boast user-friendly design and intuitive approach to editing as well as very fast rendering speed among its other benefits.

Magix Movie Edit Pro offers a variety of video editing options and you can trim and split as well as add and edit in all other possible ways your project with it.

Among the most prominent features are adjustment and professional color correction. Besides, there are two modes available for work: timeline and storyboard. They both have their advantages in working with the footage while the former shows every part of the project, the latter provides prompt access to each scene. Screen capture is also offered as an additional feature in Magix Movie Edit Pro.

One more prominent option is multicam editing. It actually allows taking footage from two cameras directly. Then Magix synchronizes it and adds a soundtrack; which is very interesting and useful in travels especially. Besides, the application supports 4K Ultra HD; which is the feature not each video editing software can boast.

Magix Movie Edit Pro supports HD and AVCHD; besides, the program offers the fastest rendering speed possible for such an app. In the latest version the number of effects and templates was increased and there is an option for 99 simultaneous tracks for video and audio. It can be positively said that this is a very powerful video editing tool. 3D files import and export is supported and the library of effects exceeds hundreds. Sharing is easy and allows direct upload to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

One of the few drawbacks is the fact that all the templates and effects are supposed to be downloaded after the installation of the program. There is not a very convincing trimmer and lack of 4K support should be noted. However, these are minor issues if compared with the editing possibilities offered.

As video editing software Magix Movie Edit Pro can be truly characterized as excellent professional application that is suitable for every user level. The program provides all the control over the video editing process and is guarantees the best quality and results. With the help of its great tools and friendly interface everyone can create and share an amazing video project.

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