Honestech Video Editor

Honestech Video Editor can be referred to the simplest of all video editing programs. It makes the stress on the basics and doesn’t aim to pretend being a multitasking suit.

There are two modes that a user can choose when working with Honestech Video Editor: easy and advanced. As the names suggest, easy mode presupposes everything done easy – there is a basic set of tools and everything is done via drag-and-drop. One of the drawbacks is that you need to have all the clips already edited to make them into the project and that is where advanced mode comes into play.

Surely, advanced here doesn’t mean something of much higher level or professional tools that require serious skill. However, in advanced mode you can switch between timeline and storyboard and actually make some editing. Honestech Video Editor goes very simple and thus there are only two tracks allowed for compilation. The same refers to audio tracks as well. These options are fine for making home video, for instance, but they are far too scarce for any serious video.

Video import has little of the new features and it is done by selecting individual clips from hard drive. The program does not presuppose broad compatibility options and you will need to have all the files on your computer in advance. There are no options of live footage recording either.

Do not expect much from audio part of the program. Audio files can be imported or recorded but there is no option to edit them within the program; in other words, in order to add them you need to have them prepared beforehand.

There is no problem with sharing as Honestech Video Editor offers just several options. You can create a file and here the choice is among five formats – mpeg1, 2, wmv, avi or DV-avi. Or you can make a DVD. That’s basically all the editing allowed here as there is no way to either adjust the size of the video or its birate or else.

One of the best options in Honestech is authoring and here is the space to express yourself by making menu and chapters and what not. There are surely better programs with authoring feature but for such simple software it is quite a good option.

To cap it all, it suffices to say that the application seems a bit outdated nowadays. It is too basic even for the most basis video editing software now offered by its counterparts and lacks too many features to stand up to them. It is easy to work with and allows create simple home videos without much of an effort; however, it looks far too unsophisticated for its time already and when it comes to its price, you can find cheaper options with more potential.

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