FoxArc Movie Editor

FoxArc Movie Editor represents a video editing application that allows creating home movies without much effort. It also works with audio files and images separately. There are options that allow presentation creation from still images with the addition of audio tracks as well. It is not professional and not even semi-professional software; rather, it is beginner-oriented software that does not take much time to create video.

When it comes to the program’s interface, it is quite intuitive and user-friendly. It is easy to work with the program, timeline shows all the tracks and you can add effects and transitions but not by dragging and dropping them to the footage. This function is not supported in FoxArc Movie Editor. In this respect, the process of clipping and adding effects takes longer time than in other application where you can just drag and drop them. There is no direct import of audio files as well. The only way to add audio file is to record it to the program; which is a drawback if you need music in your video.

There are not many transition and animation options in the program. The same refers to texts and filters. Technical support in FoxArc Movie Editor is nothing extraordinary and there could be more information and guides as well. The program is simple but new users would appreciate some place to apply to in case of an issue.

The whole process starts with Create a Video and then Import buttons. Then you will be able to see the file you chose in your timeline. In order to add any effect or animation you have to click on the buttons such as Effects and Animation Effect and etc. As it was said, with drag-and-drop feature these moves would have been faster and less effort-consuming. However, a good advantage is that you can create your own effects in the program and add them to your video. You can also apply masks and frames and adjust various aspects of your video.

FoxArc Movie Editor there is a trial version; however, it leaves watermark on your video and this is not really nice. It also has a number of minor flaws and drawbacks. It can be characterized as average video editing software without any pretence at being super let alone professional. It can be recommended for undemanding user, the one who just begins their acquaintance with montage and does not have plans other than simple home video creation.

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