Corel VideoStudio Pro

Corel VideoStudio Pro is one of the most popular video editing software options available nowadays on the market. It is one of the best app that can teach you all the basics; however, it is also presupposed for a very varied audience with different skill levels.

Corel VideoStudio Pro can be noted for its reliability and creative approach. The software can boast friendly interface and HD video support as well as all the enhanced features of a good video editing application.

There are three main parts in the process – they are capture, editing and sharing. There are two major basic models provided: timeline and storyboard. The former gives complete information in and gives room for transitions and audio tracks as well as texts and effects. The latter provides each clip in the form of an image and such representation allows fast and easy editing.

Taking into consideration that the whole idea of video creation is in its further sharing with other people so that others could see your creation, Corel VideoStudio Pro devoted a lot of work to make sharing process perfect.

Among other options Corel offers very comprehensive and intuitive training courses for those users who are just trying the ground in video editing and need advice and supervision. There are many video tutorials with basic and more advanced lessons that can be found on the website of the company as well as on YouTube.

There are various options for editing provided by Corel VideoStudio Pro. It is one of the software programs that allow full-scale movie creation. The application has got an amazing selection of tools and it also offers 4K Ultra HD as well as 3D media support. Besides, its interface is intuitive and a pleasure to work with. There is a plethora of effects, texts and a very generous choice of objects. HTML5 video page option is a plus.

It might not be the fastest in terms of rendering and offers just 20 video overlay tracks and one of the drawbacks is also the fact that the whole process of video editing has three basic steps; however, it can be viewed as a plus by the beginners.

All in all, Corel VideoStudio Pro can be characterized as a very desirable option for those who start their video editing career and are eager to make videos as well as share them with friends. The choice of tools offered will cover the requirements of every beginner and skilled users will be able to find a lot of tools to their more experienced and sophisticated liking. As video editing software, Corel VideoStudio Pro is a good value for money choice for those who seek a reliable and comprehensive program to create and share video.

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