Corel DVD MovieFactory Pro

Corel DVD MovieFactory Pro represents video editing software presupposed for simple editing tasks. As opposed to its more professional counterparts, is has no aspirations for being a full-scale video editing and creating suit but it offers a number of video customizing options. Its distinguishing feature is in the presence of 26 filters as well as the benefit of milti-trim feature. All in all it is a good quality video editing product aimed to help with low complexity projects.

The set of tools cannot be defined as broad; however, all the basic tools are offered and you can edit your footage in all the most general way possible. Text and voice recording can be added, and you can either import audio files or use the ones from public library of the program. You can also choose from 26 filters to add individual touch to your video. There is also an option of creating DVD menu and dividing into chapters.

On the one hand the program is simple and easy to use; on the other hand it is not as intuitive as one would wish it to be. In some aspects it should be labeled more clearly and it might be a necessity to apply for the assistance of a guide or user forums.

Support service can be contacted either by e-mail or by phone. There is also FAQ page on the website and there is plenty of information there. It is not the most popular Corel product and therefore there is less information about it. However, a lot of info can be obtained online on YouTube.

Corel DVD MovieFactory Pro will serve the purpose if the only thing you need is to put your project to DVD disc. It possesses basic editing features and offers very simple options. The tools it offers are basic and even advanced one can hardly be called so, especially if compared to other Corel products of the same line.

All in all, Corel DVD MovieFactory Pro can be characterized as a simple video editor more suitable for DVD burning than movie creation. There is no chance to make anything complex with this program. If you aim to create simple home video without much hassle and effort, this program is a good choice.

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