AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor offers a very broad range of video editing features and combines it with the simplicity of approach to video editing work. It allows video creation and editing in various formats and then its export and sharing as many other similar software apps do but with its own peculiarities.

Its strongest side is the amount of effects and transitions offered. Besides, the number of tracks, both video and audio, that one can add is unlimited and even though this is not strictly professional video editing software and is not tailored for professional filmmaking, there is a lot to it.

In order to apply any effect you just drag and drop it to the video. There are also numerous options for effects’ adjustment and it will take a lot of time to describe them all here. It suffices to say that the choice is one of the best among other app’s libraries.

AVS Video Editor offers various audio effects as well. Among them are amplification and noise removal as well as pitch adjustment and etc. Each track can also be adjusted in volume.

One of the advantages of this software is that its interface is easy to use. It is well structured and the tools are easily accessible. The entire interface is designed for the benefit of a user so that the work of a latter was fast and efficient.

As is has been mentioned before, there is no limit to the tracks added; which is also a feature not every video app offers. No matter how very intensive and complex project you have, there is also a possibility to add more tracks.

Text options in AVS Video Editor also deserve mentioning. Text effects are rich and numerous and with the help of the chroma key one can work with the background color and basically adit out any color you wish. The program also has a function of chapter adding and it allows adjusting the length of your video clips to your need and liking.

Adding a disc menu is also offered in AVS Video Editor. It is very convenient as it allows watching the video from a particular scene. One can also choose a template for a disc menu from the library.

The app comes with good sharing options. You can save your project as well as share it online, or you can burn it to a CD or DVD; there is also an option to save it in a format supported by cell phones and tablets.

AVS Video Editor surely has coped with the task of creating quality video editing software. It is not strictly designed for professional use; however, its set of tools and effects are able to satisfy even the most demanding user. It is one of the best applications for creation of simple unpretending video projects.

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