Adobe Premiere Elements 12

One of the most prominent graphics and video software developers, Adobe can boast qualitative and professional approach to the products they offer. Adobe Premiere Elements 12 is a simpler version of professional software that is especially designed for a broad range of users and it represents a really great tool for video projects creation.

There are three editing modes available in Adobe Premiere Elements 12: Quick, Guided and Expert. They differ in accordance with the level of experience, knowledge and skill of a user. The software is designed to help creating videos fast and effortless and to guarantee the process of video editing being fun. Expert Mode also allows more experienced users to enhance their skills with the help of various special editing tools and options.

As the name suggests, the application is aimed at much less sophisticated and skilled audience than the professional edition; however, its set of tools is no less professional or substandard, or lacking in variety – it is just more wired for less experienced users and learners.

Smart Trim feature can be distinguished among all the other tools in Adobe Premiere Elements 12. It allows analyzing the entire video footage and sort out all the bad and good parts. There is also a feature that provides advice on the account of this or that part being worth adding to your project.

Sharing is also paid great deal of attention in the program. With Adobe Premiere Elements 12 sharing is easy and simple and there is a very beneficial feature of DVD or Blu-ray disc creation.

Adobe Premiere Elements 12 allows very simple but professional approach to editing. The software is simple to work with and there are so many effects and various tools for editing to satisfy even the most ardent user. The same can be said about audio and text options and tools.

Among the lacking features are 4K and 3D support and absence of multicamera. There are applications that work faster and are more advanced; however, this one serves its purposes completely and for more advance users there are professional editions available.

Adobe Premiere Elements 12 can boast simplicity and ease of use as well as professional and refined approach to video editing. It is the piece of software that can also educate a user in the best way. It might not be the best choice for full-scale movie creation; however, it provides brilliant options for video editing and sharing for users of various level of skill with the broad range of tools and features provided.

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